Is the Oxford Recovery Center currently accepting new clients? Question Mark

Yes, we are accepting clients at both the South Lyon and Troy locations in southeast Michigan.

Where do I begin?

Call 248.486.3636 for a free consultation and tour of our facility. During the consultation, Dr. Tami Powell will answer any questions which you may have regarding the therapy and conditions which it treats.

Do you treat . . .?

The Oxford Recovery Center treats many conditions using HBOT. A list of the conditions which for HBOT has been used to treat is provided in the treatment indications page along with links to relevant academic research. However, the list should not be considered exhaustive of all complex conditions. If you are interested in finding out if HBOT may help your condition, please call 248.486.3636 to set up a free phone consultation with our director.

What does it feel like?

During a therapy session, a client will generally not feel unusual. However, during certain parts of the treatment, the client may experience a sensation of fullness in the ears, similar to the feeling experienced on an airplane. This is a result of the eardrum responding to pressures changes. Prior to treatment, the client will be taught a few easy methods to “clear” his or her ears to avoid discomfort. Children may bring in a water bottle of pacifier to encourage a suck and swallow that also relieves the ear pressure.

Is it safe?

Taken from a 10 year study of 1,505 patients who received 52,758 2-hour HBOT sessions at 2.4 ATA once or twice daily (the maximum treatment protocol used for problem wounds around the world).

    • inability to equalize middle ear pressure 0.37%
    • Para nasal sinus blocks 0.09%
    • confinement anxiety 0.05%
    • oxygen convulsions 0.009%
    • pulmonary oxygen toxicity 0.00%
    • permanent ocular refractive changes 0.00%

In other words, HBOT is virtually side-effect free.

When should it be used?

    • When the parents are committed to finding treatment for their child and willing to make the time commitment.
    • Parents must understand that the research is presenting some very positive results, but this is not a magic wand treatment. There are no guarantees.
    • Parents have found a knowledgeable physician who is willing to work with the child’s medical needs and provide a prescription.
    • Oxford Hyperbaric Medical Center has director to assist them in treating a child with autism and provide a prescription.